Personal Branding For Real Estate Agents – Study Big Brands – Part 2

How to Apply What Big Brands Do

There is much to be gained by real estate professionals who study big brand marketing, especially if market leadership is your quest.  Personal branding for real estate agents is not just getting a new outfit or a new look. Person branding is all about positioning yourself to win BIG!

First, it is important to think BIG because that is what market leaders do. They know what is at stake-the lion’s share of business. You need to think big in order to out-think, not out-spend your competition.  Secondly, you need to think globally not just locally if you want to compete in today’s marketplace. Here are some examples of how you can apply big brand strategy to your personal marketing practice:  

1.  KFC– they now give health-conscious customers the option of grilled chicken. Send your farm a 7 day healthier menu for a family of four, including recipes.  You could list stores where those ingredients are located. 

2.  Toms Shoes– they give shoes away to the needy.  You could donate a part of their commission to a client’s cause, or find someone in need at a private school and sponsor them.   

3. Heineken-they help prevent DUI (driving under the influence). Encourage employment.  Pick up donated clothes suitable for single moms returning to the work force who live in their farm.  

4. Range Rover-they build long lasting luxury cars.  Range Rover says, “A well made product is “luxury beyond luxury”.  How about having all your marketing and sales materials not only look sharp, but stand out because they are congruent and cohesive? How about designing your web site so it is truly user friendly?  A refreshed look and website that is built to last is a luxury for you and your clients.  

Study the big brands to help craft your personal real estate agent brand.  Think big. Think Global. And, win BIG!

Factors to Consider in Buying Real Estate

Are you planning to retire anytime soon? Are you finally emancipated from your parents’ clutches and moving out of their house? Whatever your drive is to move to Florida, you have definitely chosen the right choice. The state of Florida is popular for its warm people, soothing blue green seas, consoling waves, dazzling sunshine and a lot of people desiring to be one with the place and enjoy the rest of their lives there. With your decision to move in to this state, it is now high time that you start looking for that Florida real estate that will make your stay one step away from perfection. Below are pointers to consider when choosing a place to stay in Florida.

First and foremost among all consideration is your allotted budget. How much of your budget is appropriated for this place you are planning to live in? After an assessment of your financial holdings, you now find the Florida real estate that matches your assets worth. However, truth is, most of the most beautiful and appealing homes in Florida are way too costly and are not recommended to be shouldered by you alone. Good news is that there are many companies in Florida which caters financing services to meet this kind of need. All you have to do is find and choose one that suits you.

The second factor to consider is the location. Indeed, location is everything as one businessman had put it. This is very much true in every sense of it especially when you choosing your Florida real estate. There are many beautiful spots in this state that you can select from. Florida can offer you anything you heart desires, be it a panoramic view of a sunset from the beach, a busy urban-type setting or just a place where you can quietly indulge yourself with *censored*tails while surfing the net. Just name it and Florida has it.

Then again aside from your budget, the location and how you feel about the place, there are still other factors that you need to consider before formally buying that dream home. These include the architectural and physical design of the house, amenities and facilities (example: furnishings and fixtures) available in the property and within its proximity, accessibility to hospitals, schools, bus stops and other important establishments and the neighborhood.

But looking for the perfect place to stay in that meets your budget and your likes can sometimes prove to be a tough task and taxing at that. Sometimes, it is best if you contact a real estate agent to help you in your search for that piece of Florida real estate. With this expert around, you don’t need to worry at all. They do the task for you. What are only needed from you is the specifications you want your house to be. Then, they will be the ones to look for it. They will contact you with a result waiting for your inspection. Now, it is in your prerogative whether the property is yours or not. It is all in your hands whether you’d be moving to Florida earlier than expected!

Bargain Sale Real Estate Transaction Could Be a Quick Way to Sell Your Commercial or Retail Property

The world of commercial real estate is one of peaks and valleys. Selling conditions are subject to change quickly, and because of the nature of the potential uses for a property the contracts and negotiations can get pretty complicated. With the right professionals in your corner and a little know-how you can navigate the world of commercial real estate efficiently and come out on the other side with financial gain. And this doesn’t always involve the most traditional approaches.

Conventional wisdom would tell a seller of commercial real estate that they should play by the same handbook that other commercial property owners have been using for decades. You need to find a qualified and competent real estate agent, a knowledgeable attorney who is experienced in commercial real estate transactions and closings, and then begin the rigorous task of prepping and primping your property for showing on the market. This method is certainly tried and true and the advice is sound, however today’s real estate market sometimes requires a bit more creativity and a break from the norm.

Particularly if your property is distressed or underutilized using the traditional method of selling can be a challenge and can prove to be a long process. This type of property often has a hard time competing with optimally maintained and high-performing properties on the market, which usually means that you’ll need a rock-bottom asking price to entice potential buyers. And if that buyer should smell blood in the water (i.e. hemorrhaging from your bank account in the form of carrying costs) your negotiating position could become compromised. By exploring creative alternatives you can cut out the time factor and ensure yourself a buyer who is ready, willing and able.

A bargain sale real estate transaction could be your answer to selling your commercial, industrial or retail property quickly. A bargain sale is a transaction with a qualified non-profit organization where you get a small amount of cash, usually to cover the cost of the appraiser as well as some closing costs, and a significant cash benefit in the form of a tax deduction donation that can significantly reduce the amount of taxes you pay over a period of time.

A bargain sale is not a transaction that happens occasionally. In fact, over 20,000 bargain sale real estate transactions occur every year in the U.S. changing the lives of people around the world and the communities in which the property is located. The charitable organization uses the real estate asset to fund its mission and you are able to dispose of your distressed or underutilized assets quicker and with less hassle than you thought possible.

To get the highest value for your commercial, industrial or retail property, you should work with a non-profit that is experienced in bargain sale real estate transactions. Charitable organizations that are experienced in bargain sales will make an offer quickly if it meets their criteria and will work with the appraiser to complete the process under the IRS bargain sale guidelines than can be found in IRS Publications 561 and 526.

The IRS appraisal guidelines allow for a more liberal appraisal than you will find in a quick sale bank appraisal because it is based on the fact that the buyer and seller are not under a distressed situation and “are not under any compulsion to buy or sell”. They also allow a weighted approach to the bargain sale appraisal utilizing the sales comp, income analysis and replacement cost approach when determining the bargain sale value.