Grayling MI Real Estate – Have Bruised Credit But Want To Buy A Home Or Need to Sell Your Home Now

The Grayling MI real estate listings have much to offer. If you are interested in Grayling Michigan real estate, but you fear that your credit could be a problem, we have some information that may be helpful.

If you are a seller, frustrated with conventional methods available to you, the information provided here will give you something to think about.

A Bit About Grayling

The Grayling Michigan real estate market covers both the city of Grayling and the surrounding township. If you are familiar with the area, you may know that the history of this part of Michigan revolves around logging and fishing. Grayling is the name of a fish that at one time populated the lakes and streams in the area.

When the first Europeans began exploring this area, it was mostly old-growth or “virgin” forest. Thus, the Grayling Michigan real estate market began with investors purchasing large tracts of land for the valuable pine trees.

It has been said that Grayling is a “living reminder of Michigan as it was before the lumber era.” Some trees in nearby Hartwick Pines State Park are over 300 years old. Much of the land for the park was donated to the state by one of the original Grayling MI real estate investors. It is now the largest park on the lower peninsula.

A large number of cabins, some with “log-siding”, are included in the Grayling MI real estate classifieds. The Au Sable River, which passes through the city, hosts an annual canoe race and is home to the only paddle wheel river boat operating in northern Michigan.

If the outdoor lover in you wants to buy Grayling Michigan real estate, but you have past credit problems, you should know that owning a home in the city of Grayling or a cabin in the county is a possibility. If you have steady income, can afford the monthly payments and have saved a few thousand dollars, you may qualify for buying a rent to own home.

A lease option (aka rent to own) is a simple agreement which gives a renter the option to buy a property at a later time. The few thousand is called a lease option consideration. A lease option works in the Grayling Michigan real estate market and just about anywhere in the state.

As investors, we can help you find a home in the Grayling MI real estate market (or in another area) that fits your family’s needs and your budget. We can put you in that home on a “rent-to-own” basis until you are able to get financing.

If you already own Grayling Michigan real estate and you need to sell quickly, we may be able to buy your property. Thousands of properties in Michigan have ended up in foreclosure.

The current economy has caused problems for many people. Sometimes it becomes impossible to make the payments and sometimes moving is the only option. But, if you need to sell quickly or you have been trying to sell Grayling MI real estate without success, real estate investors may be able to assist you.

Dean Graziosi’s Profit From Real Estate Now Review – Does it Truly Deliver?

Who is Dean Graziosi?

Dean Graziosi is a multi-millionaire and a very successful real estate expert and author. He has over 20 years of experience and teaches people on how to take his simplified business strategies and use them to make money in today’s bad economy and declining realty market.

His first sight of success came at the age of only 16 when he began making money buying and selling automobiles. He then carried on that success two years later when he made his very first investment at the age of 18. He purchased a ruined apartment building with no money down which he renovated and sold for a nice profit. From there on, Dean began taking his career to the next level by producing his first infomercial “Motor Millions,” in 1998 and then formed Dean Enterprises, LLC as his official production company in 2003. His first book “Totally Fulfilled,” was self-published and released in May 2006 and made the New York Times best-seller list. Other successful products that Dean has released are “Be A Real Estate Millionaire”, “Think A Little Different In Real Estate”, and the #1 best-selling real estate book in America “Profit From Real Estate Right Now”. He also gives back to the community by donating to Richard Branson’s “Virgin Unite” charity.

Dean Graziosi is an exceptional individual and has never let his poor childhood hold him back from accomplishing his goals and financial dreams. Today he continues to be a prosperous realty investor while being seriously committed to helping others achieve success.

What is Profit From Real Estate Right Now?

Well first you might ask what is behind the concept of “Profit From Real Estate Right Now”. Many people think that this is a terrible time to invest in the market because the economy is so bad today, but Dean thinks otherwise. He wants to prove that with a bad economy comes a better opportunity to make money in real estate right now. In this phenomenal book, Dean Graziosi wants to teach you how to take nothing but your own ambition and turn a huge profit in 30 days or less. It doesn’t matter if you have little or no experience at all with real estate because Dean Graziosi believes that anyone can do this and has never seen a better time to earn serious income than in today’s current recession.

Dean Graziosi shows you how to master his techniques and strategies in his many informative chapters, such as: Profit in a Down Real Estate Market Today, How to Identify Killer Deals, and Getting a Ton of Very Motivated Buyers to Find You. He also offers steps to take next at the end of each chapter and even provides some success stories of other people who have accomplished their goals with his book.

Is this book the real deal?

Well now that you know more about Dean Graziosi and what his book “Profit From Real Estate Right Now” is all about, there’s just one more question: can this book really help you become successful? I’ve done some intense research on this topic and Dean Graziosi himself and I did not find one bad report or complaint. In my opinion, personal experience is worth more than any report or article you’ll ever read, but you also have to consider the facts. You’ve seen some of the success that Dean Graziosi has already achieved and the fact that he has the #1 real estate book in America says a lot about what you can attain with his knowledge and 20+ years of experience.

His focus isn’t to just make money or seeks to rip people off. He’s devoted to helping other individuals reach the American dream of personal and financial freedom and success. I would definitely recommend Dean’s book to anyone looking to acquire expert advice on realty investing and how to profit from the current recession.

About the Author

Outrageously Low Real Estate Offers Are Now Getting A Second Look From Sellers and Lenders

Foreclosures in the country have pushed past over one million homes. Couple that with folks just trying to sell their home for whatever reason and there is a glut of homes in many markets. While this level is high it is within many historical swings of the past. The point of this discussion is to point out the incredible buyers market that exists in many areas of the country.

Arbitrage in the financial markets takes advantage of price differentials between more than one market. Money is made taking advantage of the differences. In real estate, with the benefit of trained Certified Property Managers and the like, there exists the potential to invest in areas, which are depressed and hold good value in the future. Like examining the financials of a company so the same type of play can be marshaled with investment situations across the country. In crafting offers, returns in the 25% plus range over say a two-year period must be factored in even consider the ramp up into these venues outside of one’s backyard. Finding deals in the backyard would be best, however, lacking that one must look elsewhere. In an example of buying a rental condo in a resort area that has abundant inventory and has plenty of foreclosures forcing prices down some investment play may be possible. If a rental condo is listed at $300,000.00 and has and existing mortgage of $280,000.00 with a pending foreclosure pressing the owner this might be a deal worth looking at. Owners with ARM mortgages with accelerating payments and/or other pressures have come to bear on owners who find themselves in a fix. Many of these condo rental properties with onsite rental offices make for a decent cash flow. In some water front properties the gross rents will approach $30,000 plus per year. In trying to negotiate with a lender with a foreclosure action in hand it is best to have ones own financing or cash to bring to the table. That lender will not cut the price (mortgage) if they are being asked to hold the mortgage. In this example, a proposed “Short Sale” would be probed as a possible action. In this case, the owner receives nothing. The owner may save a foreclosure nick on their credit but that’s it. The lender on the other hand will be offered an offer in the $240,000 range IF the return is figured. The lender takes a $40,000 plus hit on the deal with additional costs for legal fees, past payments, late charges, etc. in addition to the “short” settlement. This is a big hit for the lender. However, Real Estate Owner (REO) properties have to be liquidated. If the lender foreclosed and sat on the condo for another six months and took another hit at sale time, the proposed $40,000 plus hit starts to look pretty good.

An investor needs to determine the condition of market place in a year or two. The economy still has strength, employment is strong, so then it is a question of what will be happening in the market down the road. If that analysis comes up positive then one would continue on the track. An outside force on these waterfront investor condo properties will come to into play as when possibly the dollar falls against the Euro or Pound. Those buyers coming into the market with stronger currencies will see these situations as strong buying opportunities and prices may spike back up. A Realtor needs to market to these buyers immediately. In addition, with stronger currencies abroad vacations in these waterfront condos can almost look cheap with a good deal of safety. A few years down the road, the rentals could be pumping and the demand could be up for these specific properties which can be rented when not being used by the owners. Naturally, there is no guarantee that this will play out exactly that way, but it is an educated analysis basis on the facts currently in hand. When depreciation, interest deductions and other factors are put into the equation, perhaps a $40,000 “short” is not enough. Perhaps it will take a little more. In any case, an investor’s numbers should be shared with the lender to shore up the case for the “short sale” and give a little cover to the work out specialist who is signing off on the deal. The lender will have several BPOs (Broker Price Opinions) of the value as several AVMs (Automated Value Models) to further peg the value. However, if things have not been moving with say six months exposure to the market place, then the lender may be compelled to pull the plug.

Much like when the accelerated depreciation plug was pulled in the 1986 Tax Code, properties must stand on their own. Limited Partnerships and REITs were being offered with low (50% LTV) leverage to realize any kind of cash flow. In this case, a highly leveraged mortgage would insure a negative cash flow. Thus the return on investment will be calculated on a low leveraged situation. The 25% plus return then would be possible. Each case needs to be turned inside out before making an offer. If there has been several price reductions over the listing period with offers of paying all the closing costs and such, then this will garner further investigation. To save a lot of time, the question phased as: “To save us both a lot of time, I’m looking to buy at a deep discount from a motivated seller or a lender who will consider a deep “short sale. I’m very liquid in cash and can close quickly. Is there any shot at a deal on this property?” If not move on.

This glut of properties won’t be here forever. It took a few years to absorb the Savings and Loan fiasco and major write-downs that took place, but it was absorbed and money was made by many. The original owner being in an overly leveraged mortgage situation may have cast the initial foreclosure situation. High leverage kills when the underlying financing is an Adjustable Rate Mortgage in a rising interest rate market. Cash flow disappears. The bleeding begins.

It’s no place for the faint of heart. Like arbitrageurs in the financial markets, it takes a strong will, liquid cash and a good feel for the current market and the future market and how it will all play out. The climate for a play is here and now in some targeted areas. Over 1,000,000 foreclosures, a glut of listings on the market, a falling dollar making attractive situational buys to foreign borrowers makes for a play now. “Knock, knock.” “Who’s there?” “Deal” “Deal Who?”
“To Deal Or Not To Deal, That Is The Question”

Dale Rogers

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