Effective Real Estate Call Capture Advertising For the Holidays

Even in a recession, individuals flock to shopping malls and places of business during the holidays. From stopping at gas stations on their way to holiday parties to shopping for gifts in department stores, people are out enjoying the jovial atmosphere during the holiday season. Because of this, companies often find the holidays to be an ideal time to advertise and grow their business. This is true for the real estate industry as well. While the holidays may not be a booming time for home sales, the beginning of a new year can be. Because a home buyer or seller usually ends up working with the first agent they talk to, now is a good time to pump up the advertising efforts. Catching buyers and sellers early in the decision making process is crucial.

Traditional methods such as holiday cards, signs, and billboards can no longer meet the growing needs of real estate agents who often work long, demanding hours. Agents cannot always answer every call that comes in. They many times don’t have the budgets to hire assistants to help them answer phones while they are showing properties or meeting with other clients. This means that the efforts spent on holiday advertising can be quickly lost on customers who call, do not receive an answer, and never call back.

Call capture, however, is an innovative tool for real estate agents who want to make the most of their advertising dollars during the holidays. This technology allows agents to not only have the ability to identify interested customers, but also to learn which of their holiday advertising methods work best. And because call capture allows callers to listen to a pre-recorded message, real estate agents are spared the need to answer every phone call.

By advertising their call capture numbers during the holidays, agents can grow their business. The holidays draw more people out of their homes and offices – they attend parties at homes and places of business, they shop in new neighborhoods, and they dine at new restaurants. With more people in the areas that an agent advertises in, the more likely it is that larger numbers of people will respond to advertisements. This is especially true when visitors to a neighborhood see a property that they are curious about or interested in. When real estate agents advertise their call capture numbers, these visitors can – with no pressure – place a phone call from their cell phones to listen to the pre-recorded message about the property.

Additionally, the holidays also provide many innovative ways to advertise call capture numbers. While signs in front of properties are an obvious example, holiday billboards, sponsorship of holiday events, and even cards and gifts allow real estate agents to extend pressure-free opportunities to consumers to learn more about their available properties and services. Holiday billboards give individuals a chance to offer holiday greetings, while advertising a call capture number that can encourage individuals who are interested in purchasing a home to call.

Many communities have holiday events such as plays, concerts, and school pageants. Donating to these events is a way to give back during the holidays, but sponsorship also comes with the opportunity to advertise on the event’s brochure or playbill. When real estate agents feature their call capture numbers, they have the opportunity to reach a larger customer base. Finally, holiday cards and gifts can also be advertising opportunities for the real-estate business. These opportunities, along with traditional ways of advertising in newspapers and newsletters, allow real estate agents the chance to give back to the community while still advertising their call capture number.

Further, by using call capture, real estate agents can quickly see a boost in their businesses. Because people are most likely still in the early stages of the decision making process during the holidays, they will be put at ease by knowing the can get a pre recorded message – not a high pressure sales pitch. Instead, customers can simply sit back and listen to the message describe the features of a specific property. At the same time, real estate agents are given access to the customer’s number through the call capture technology, allowing the agent to pursue the relationship with a friendly follow-up call. Finally, this technology allows real estate agents to make informed choices about where to advertise, since the call capture technology isolates and tracks which advertisement generated each call.